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AEERO Electric Bike PHOENIX BIKEWORKS Whizzer and Honda Motor Chassis Kits

A PHOENIX CHASSIS All Electric "AEERO" E-Bike The all electric AEERO e-bike is the most elegant electric bike you will see motoring or free-pedaling by. The all ELECTRIC MOTOR and classic retro-style Phoenix Frame, hand-built in the U.S.A., produce a stylish head-turning e-bike that's easy and fun to ride.

As Holly says, "With the ELECTRIC BIKE MOTOR ready to assist you along the way, up hills, or even all the way home, you can pedal away for fun or exercise  as far as you like with no worries at all. Each trip on my electric bike is an "All Electric Easy-RIde Odyssey."

And the total cost for the week to commute to work?
Six cents, $0.06, 6 pennies.

That's 5 days, a 10-mile round trip per day, 50 miles; Awesome. 

The PHOENIX CHASSIS Frame Kit provides the full platform for converting your simple WhizzerTM motored bike into a "head-turning traffic stopper" all over town.

Whether you create a custom motorbike from scratch or use your own WhizzerTM as the "donor bike" for your build, when you're out about town, you'll remember how much fun it is to "turn heads" when you ride.

  George built this Excelsior Henderson Tribute in Florida; check out the rest of his photos on the Phoenix Bikeworks News page.

Move your WhizzerTM motor, front fork, wheels and accessories over to your new PHOENIX CHASSIS Frame Kit and get ready to be the center of attention.  Because the very next time you're out riding you'll be stopping traffic and turning heads all over town.

The PHOENIX CHASSIS paired with a replica NE-5 138cc motor

And when you park your motorbike be ready to entertain because folks will be coming all the way across the parking lot to talk to you about what you've built. It's good clean fun so have a good time with them. They're just curious about what you've built and how much fun it must be to ride.