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a phoenix bikeworks Phoenix Chassis Frame System: THE DEALER KIT









Each of our PHOENIX CHASSIS FRAME SYSTEM KITS is individually hand-crafted from domestic American steel.  Chassis rails are radius-rolled and then hand cut from ASTM-A 513 .065 wall low-carbon tube stock.  Sheet stock is ASTM-A-366-16 and plate stock is 3/16" ASTM A-36 pickled and oiled to ensure our Chassis System provides you with the finest powdercoat-ready surface available anywhere.

The PHOENIX CHASSIS components are individually machined and precisely welded by hand in the shop. The fuel tank petcock and bronze gas cap are then spun into place so that you will pull a fully assembled PHOENIX CHASSIS out of the box when it arrives via UPS. Open the package, grab your tools and have some fun.


Joe modeled his build-out on a true classic; it's a real traffic stopper when he's out and about around Fresno, CA. 

Gary, from Scottsdale, used his WhizzerTM as a "donor bike" for his build-out. He told us, "My Harley is big, loud and powerful just as it should be. But this bike takes me back to the simple fun I had as a kid, on that day I got my first bike and saw the entire world open up before me. What great fun."

The Drop Loop chassis is a great alternative platform for your WhizzerTM motor. Check in with designer DK Nelson Helmutt if you're interested

We're not making up that part about head turning. Lou's build-out turns heads all over Phoenix. He's always late too:
"No matter where I go, someone is always coming all the way across the parking lot to talk about the bike. Anytime I ride and I'm on a tight schedule, I pad my travel time with an extra 30 minutes; my bride says it's never enough"

The DEALER KIT is the complete package for you folks who know your way around a motored bike and a wrench. Whether you're planning to build a new bike from scratch or you have a WhizzerTM "donor bike" to part from, the Dealer Kit provides the complete platform for your 1920 -1930's  boardtracker inspired ride.

Everybody is unique; we say their motor bike should be too.  We look forward to seeing what you create for yourself, your club or your loyal customers.  So when you finish your masterpiece, send in a few photos we can share with our motorbike community.

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